How to turn a $100,000 salary into a $1.9M home on the cheap

Weber Shandwick, who is currently making more than $1 million as a director at Facebook, will be spending $100 million over the next five years on a $5 million home in San Francisco.

This is a lot of money to pay for.

Shandis current home is a six-bedroom mansion in the Castro district of San Francisco, which has a lot going for it.

It has a pool and indoor basketball court, a spa, and is just across the street from some of the city’s most exciting restaurants, which include a new restaurant called the Shandorra. 

The property also features a rooftop garden and swimming pool.

Shands home was built in 2013. 

Forbes recently ranked the house as one of the most expensive in the country, and Shandinks property is also listed as one with a $3.6 million price tag.

This $1 billion home is reportedly the most valuable property in San Jose, with a median price of $1,867,900, according to real estate data provider Zillow. 

“We are in a position to buy the house and the surrounding area for $5.8 million,” Shandys current lawyer, John Withers, told the Bay Area News Group. 

Withers said that the property is “a really special location, surrounded by incredible architecture and great amenities.

And it’s right on the Bay and so the neighborhood is very well-connected.” 

In a statement, Shandises attorney, Brian Stiles, said that, “It is an honor and privilege to represent Mr. Weber.

His generosity to the community is truly incredible.” 

According to Zillower, Shands $1 and $1M homes sold for $1 per square foot in January 2017, with the current price of his home hovering around $1/sq foot. 

Shandys home, which is listed for $2,900/sqft, was listed for just $1 on Zillowing, while it was listed as the most affordable home in the world for just over $4,000/sq ft. 

Zillow noted that Shand is the sixth-most expensive home in Los Angeles County, and the most pricey in the United States. 

This $1 Million home is located on the first floor of a 5,300 square foot home. Read more

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