The most valuable companies in Canada, ranked

Canada’s biggest tech companies are now among the richest nations in the world, with the median net worth of its CEOs topping $10 billion, according to the first annual report from the Global Entrepreneurship Index.

The index, which is based on the financial data of the world’s 100 largest companies, has been tracking the fortunes of CEOs for five years and is based largely on publicly available data.

The companies with the most value per share, with a median value of $1.3 billion, are Alphabet Inc., Inc., Apple Inc., Facebook Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Twitter Inc. Canada’s richest CEOs now rank among the world�s 25 wealthiest nations, according the report released Monday by the World Economic Forum.

The 10 most valuable nations were: United States: $4.1 billion; United Kingdom: $2.7 billion; China: $1 billion, France: $999 million; Germany: $734 million; India: $639 million; Spain: $544 million; Italy: $521 million; Brazil: $524 million; Canada: $523 million; United Arab Emirates: $502 million; Israel: $471 million; Mexico: $435 million; South Korea: $412 million; Japan: $365 million; Singapore: $355 million; Malaysia: $352 million; Vietnam: $338 million; Australia: $325 million; Hong Kong: $320 million; Indonesia: $306 million; Switzerland: $295 million; the Netherlands: $278 million; New Zealand: $270 million; France: 280 million; and India: 280 billion.

Canada has been one of the richest countries in the developed world for the past five years, with its net worth surpassing $1 trillion, according a recent report by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Among the 10 countries with the highest net worth per capita, Canada is No. 1.

The United States is No 1.

Mexico is No 2, followed by Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and India.

The most expensive country for an average Canadian is China, with an average annual net worth that exceeds $11,000, according data compiled by Bloomberg.

The median net value of CEOs is $3.3 million in the United States, followed closely by Japan at $2 million, Germany at $1 million, France at $900,000 and Italy at $7,500.

The top five earners on the Forbes list are all American, with Apple’s Tim Cook and Google’s Eric Schmidt the top two, followed in the top five by Amazon.

Google’s Jeff Bezos is No 12 on the list, followed at No. 13 by Microsoft�s Brad Smith and Amazon�s Jeff Bezos.

In a separate report Monday, the Financial Times also reported that Amazon�ll pay $3 billion to settle claims of illegal antitrust practices.

The Times reported that Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter have agreed to pay $1,300 per share for the right to charge more for certain ads.

In the last five years Amazon has paid a combined $12.3-billion to settle antitrust claims, including $1-billion for anticompetitive practices.

Amazon shares rose 2.3 per cent to $147.84 in after-hours trading Monday.

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