Jade Weber syndrome: Jade Weber’s parents ‘heartbroken’ after her death

Jade Weber is still in shock after her daughter Jade Weber died in the same week as her father, Sturgis Weber.

Jade Weber, 24, died after contracting the illness, which is usually diagnosed as JADE WEBER SYNDROME, in a home in Brisbane.

Jade, from the south-west of the state, died from complications after she fell while trying to break her fall over the Christmas break.

“We are devastated by this news and are devastated for her parents and family,” Jade’s father, Michael Weber, said.

“They are devastated and heartbroken and I’m really sorry for the loss of their daughter Jade.”

They just want to know where Jade went and we just want Jade to be well.

“Jade’s parents Michael Weber and Jade Weber were both diagnosed with the illness.

The couple had spent Christmas holiday in Australia with Jade and her two siblings and were staying with friends in the city.

They went on a weekend holiday to Australia, where Jade was supposed to return to the family’s home in Queensland.

Jade was staying with a friend, who was staying at the same hotel, at the time of Jade’s death.

Ms Weber said Jade’s condition was a constant source of worry for the family.”

I was very concerned because she was always moving around.

She was a bit of a mystery and I wasn’t sure where she was going, where she had gone.

“She was always around the house, running around, always trying to hide.”

She would always get into fights with her siblings and the other people in the house.

Ms Weber was initially concerned about Jade’s wellbeing when she went to the hospital on December 4. “

I just couldn’t believe Jade was gone.”

Ms Weber was initially concerned about Jade’s wellbeing when she went to the hospital on December 4.

“The first day of hospital I was shocked and overwhelmed.

I was very shocked because Jade was very close to me and she was very, like, a part of my life,” she said.

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