‘Aha!’ UK’s top 10 most popular podcast episodes of all time: Podcasts

From the likes of BBC Radio 4’s The Music Room, The Bends and The All-Stars, to the BBC Sport podcast, The All In Podcast, it seems that podcasts are everywhere these days.

But just how many podcasts are actually listened to?

Here’s our list of the 10 most downloaded podcast episodes ever, ranked by the number of people who have listened to each episode, according to figures from the BBC.

What is a podcast?

The BBC defines a podcast as a series of audio files, typically from audio recording devices, played back in a format that can be played back on a computer or other audio device.

Podcasts are usually made for people who like to listen to audio, but also those who want to hear something that they don’t normally listen to.

In some cases, podcasts may be made by the same podcast producers who produce a movie, television show or video game, and the series can be used to create audio dramas, news stories, documentaries or even documentaries.

As well as being an audio format, podcasts can be listened to on the internet.

The main difference between podcast and movie is that a podcast is usually streamed on a number of platforms, including iTunes, Netflix, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify and more.

Each of these platforms have their own different subscription rates.

Netflix is the most popular, with over one billion downloads, followed by Google Play with over 200 million downloads.

While Apple has the highest download rate, Spotify has the most downloads, which means they have the most listeners. 

Netflix’s main focus is on the movies it makes, so most of its shows have a big chunk of its episodes that can also be listened on the podcast platform.

However, some podcasts, like the BBC’s Top Gear podcast, have been made by other organisations.

This podcast series has had some of its most popular episodes streamed on YouTube and has also been shown on a range of other podcasts platforms. 

Some podcasts, such as the BBC Radio 1 show The All in Podcast, have also been downloaded by listeners.

Many podcasts also have their archives available to listen on the site’s website, including the BBC Podcasts archive.

Other podcast services offer additional features, such in-app subscriptions, such iTunes Matching, which allows listeners to watch podcasts on any device, including iPads and smartphones.

All in all, podcasts have been a big hit with many listeners, especially in the last few years, with downloads and listens continuing to increase.

A big hit podcast episode: “Weird Al” Yankovic’s The Weird Al Show It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when this podcast came to the attention of fans, as the podcast’s popularity has risen since it first launched in 2009.

Yankovic has become a popular figure in his native country of Croatia and has been heard on TV in the UK, US, Germany and Australia.

Despite the popularity of The Weird Ad’s podcasts, Yanković’s The Show has also found an audience, and its first episode was broadcast on BBC Radio 5 live in March 2010.

It was also aired on BBC World Service in 2011, with the following year it was shown on BBC One in 2014.

Now that he’s found a wider audience in the US, Yancovic has also released several albums, including his latest album, My Best Friend Is Nowhere. 

The Weird Al’s The Show, is also available on iTunes and other streaming services, with a second season of the series due to be released later this year.

And as the number one show on the UK podcasting charts, The Weird Show has been the most downloaded show ever, with more than one million downloads to date. 


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