When You Get the Weber Portable Grill, It’s Not Just a Grill, But a Home Assistant!

When you buy a home appliance from the Appliance section, it may be tempting to think that it’s all about the kitchen.

But in fact, it’s not.

The Appliance category is full of useful items like kitchen appliances and dishwashers.

But it also has a slew of useful apps for the home, like the WEBER Portable Grill.

The WEBER portable grill uses the same technology as the stove and has been the subject of a lot of controversy.

A video shows the appliance getting stuck in the ground and being towed away.

The company says it’s designed to work on its website and is available in the UK, Canada, and Australia.

The problem is that the appliance has not been tested on humans, and some experts believe the Webers are unsafe.

Weber, the company that sells the Appliances, is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to a successful investigation into the safety of the appliance.

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