How Weber Spirit Grill will grow if Trump wins, CEO says

Weber Spirit Grilling is one of several companies that are bracing for the possibility that President Donald Trump will win the November election.

The company is the latest to take a dim view of the new president, saying on Tuesday that it would consider closing its operations if he were elected.

The announcement came as the company’s chief executive, Bill Weber, wrote in a letter to shareholders that he believes Trump is a threat to the nation’s “basic business values.”

“There is a very real risk of us becoming part of the next phase of the American political campaign and the disruption to our business model would be catastrophic,” Weber wrote.

“We would not be in a position to provide the service we are doing today if our president were elected,” Weber said in the letter.

“As a company, we believe in a strong economy and a strong military.

We have no other choice.” “

I do not believe that there is a strong, credible or viable alternative to the path of Donald Trump.

We have no other choice.”

Weber also said he was considering whether to take some of his employees with him.

“We do have employees with us who are considering a trip back to the U.S. if the current situation becomes reality,” he wrote.

Weber’s letter came just days after the company announced that it had raised $5.8 billion from investors to expand into more markets, including a $10 billion acquisition of local pizza chain The Pizza Hut.

Weber said the acquisition was “a natural next step in our evolution.”

The chain has not yet announced its plans for the acquisition.

The pizza chain also said it plans to open two new locations, adding to more than 1,000 that it currently has in the United States.

The companies announcement comes as Trump has said that he will seek a $1 trillion tax cut, which could help boost the economy and boost jobs.

Weber has also criticized Trump for the decision to withdraw the U-2 spy plane from the country.

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