What’s at stake in the presidential race?

By Jennifer PalmieriMarch 24, 2016 8:21amA year ago, Donald Trump was leading the polls.

And now, he’s leading in Iowa and New Hampshire.

The race is now between a pair of men who’ve never been in the White House: Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton.

They’ve been in their party’s nomination battle for months, but Biden has built a significant lead.

He leads in most polls of Iowa and a new NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll, and has a nearly two-to-one advantage in New Hampshire polls.

Clinton has been more aggressive, and Biden is doing better in polls of the early voting states.

Biden has been the underdog in Iowa, and Clinton is also more vulnerable in New England, South Carolina, Nevada, and Florida.

Trump is running against the backdrop of a Republican establishment, with the GOP nominating process dominated by Trump and a handful of Republicans running against each other.

Clinton is facing a similar situation in her own party.

But the two are different beasts: Biden is more of a centrist and Clinton, more of an outsider.

Both are outsiders who have never run for public office, but they are the only two candidates to be considered viable presidential candidates in the Republican primary.

And as these candidates face off in the primaries, the stakes are sky-high.

In fact, there are two candidates who have not run for the presidency in the past.

The first is former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who announced his presidential campaign in September.

The second is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who has not run a presidential campaign since 2008.

And both are likely to face serious obstacles if they’re elected.

Johnson, who is in a statistical tie with Trump in the national polls, is running with little name recognition.

The billionaire has not announced a campaign, and he hasn’t been in public life for nearly a decade.

In fact, he has spent most of his time on the campaign trail, spending nearly $1 million of his own money in his quest for the Whitehouse.

But Johnson is running as a centrist, and his message of free trade and lower taxes is resonating.

His populist, anti-establishment message has resonated with voters across the country, especially millennials.

Johnson’s candidacy could put him in a position to make inroads with Democrats.

He’s running on the strength of a strong economic message, but his populist tone could make him an appealing choice for the party’s establishment.

As for Walker, the governor has spent almost $2 million of the state’s own money and has spent little time on campaign stops.

He was the only governor to run for president, but he is viewed as a distant second to Trump, who only has a slight lead in national polls.

He has made his mark on Wisconsin politics by pushing a right-leaning agenda, but this could make it hard for him to win the state in November.

The biggest hurdle to Johnson’s presidential bid is a lingering question of whether his record as governor could disqualify him from running for president.

While Johnson’s record on criminal justice reform and his support for a constitutional amendment to end Wisconsin’s gerrymandering system have been a major part of his campaign, Wisconsin voters also have the potential to cast a ballot for the first time in a presidential election.

The question is whether the state is prepared to give the governor the kind of public support he needs to be competitive in November, when more than half of Wisconsin voters have already cast their ballots.

And the second obstacle to Johnson and Walker is the fact that they are both Republicans, not Democrats.

They are not running on a platform of the other party’s choice, and neither has any real support among voters of color.

Walker’s campaign has focused on portraying his opponent as someone who would raise taxes and close schools, while Johnson’s campaign is focused on a message of lower taxes and a more compassionate vision for society.

If either candidate is successful, it could put an end to the hopes of a Biden presidency, and open the door to a more progressive candidate from the party of Lincoln.

If the two major-party candidates are the favorites, the next Democratic presidential primary could be the most competitive in modern history.

The candidates are fighting for the same voters in the same state and the same electorate: young, suburban and urban voters.

They face off against each others’ supporters.

And if they are not the favorites in the general election, the likelihood of them being able to compete for the nomination is much less.

And while the two candidates are competing for the votes of the same groups, the two may not have the same experience and experience will determine the outcome of the general.

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