Which is the most liberal county jail in the US?

The most liberal counties in the country, such as Weber County, Idaho, are in the top 10 for jail inmates with a score of 91.7 on the US Sentencing Commission’s 2016 Crime Severity Index.

Weber County Jail, for example, is rated at 81.6.

However, the county jail also ranks as the eighth most restrictive in the state.

The county jail is rated the fourth most restrictive county jail on the federal Sentencing Index.

Weber County Jail is rated a third-most restrictive county, behind St Louis, Missouri, and the state capital of St. Louis.

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we’ve got some of the top-ranked counties in our state, such an open-minded attitude,” said Dr. Brian Puckett, the chief medical officer for Weber County.

He also added that the county is home to one of the most incarcerated populations in the United States, with more than 500,000 people behind bars, with nearly half of those behind bars for drug crimes.

Puckett added that Weber County jail is not just a county jail.

“We’re a correctional institution.

It’s the largest county jail system in the county, which is a good thing, because we have some of our very highest rates of recidivism, so we need to be able to help them get back on track,” Pucket said.

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