Intellectual Dark Web to be part of Irish ISP’s network of dark web services

Intellectual dark-web services will be part the Irish ISP network of services to be provided through its Irish Dark Web service, the Irish Register of Broadcasters said.

The service, which was launched by the Internet Society last year, is designed to offer a range of dark-net services to individuals, businesses and the public.

“This means that there will be no content restrictions and that you can download things without any fear of being tracked or blocked,” said Michael O’Donnell, CEO of the ISP, in a statement on Monday.

The announcement follows the news last month that an internet provider in the UK had been hit with a record-breaking data leak of up to 100 terabytes (TB) from its network.

It also follows the announcement last week by Google that it was adding a feature that lets people search the internet anonymously using their own IP addresses.

A number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and search engines have been accused of colluding to protect their networks from the massive data breach, with the largest ISP, Google, said to be among those to have been hacked.

The Irish regulator said that while it would not comment on individual cases, it had found no evidence of collusion between ISPs.

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