Why don’t the NFL and NBA use Chrome or Firefox?

If you’ve been paying attention to the NFL’s social media accounts, you might be aware that the league has taken steps to address the issue of its users being able to access their Twitter accounts from outside of their accounts.

In the past, some of the NFL players and owners have expressed concern about their social media posts getting out of hand, but as it turns out, the issue hasn’t been completely resolved yet.

Now, the NFL is planning to move forward with a new approach for its users, which will include adding a tab for users to search their Twitter feed, an extension that will let them quickly add or remove content from their accounts, and even an option to use the new “web app” in conjunction with the browser to view posts directly from within the app.

“We’re committed to providing a robust and user-friendly experience for our fans to access the NFL experience,” the league said in a statement.

“This includes a new tab that users can access to quickly access the content on their Twitter feeds.

It also includes an extension for accessing content from the web that allows users to easily create a personalized search that allows them to quickly search for specific content.”

We’ll update this story as more details become available.

Update: The NFL has updated the article to include more information about the social media tab, the extension and the web app.

The NFL also confirmed that it plans to bring the webapp to Chrome users on a future release of Chrome, which it says will be available for “soon.”

“The new Chrome extension will allow users to quickly add content from our Twitter feed to their Chrome browsing experience,” NFL spokesman Mike Tannenbaum said in the statement.

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