The Blackmagic web TV presenter who won’t quit interviewers

Giselle Weber will never quit an interview with a TV presenter.

After all, the Blackmagic presenter is known for her distinctive style and ability to turn interview questions into quizzes.

But in a new interview with TV personality, reporter and host Joe Weber, Weber reveals her disdain for TV interviewers and her preference for the interview to be conducted live rather than recorded.

“I just hate watching TV,” she told the hosts of ‘The Joe Webers Show’.

“I like the fact that you can sit down and you can have a real conversation with someone.”

When asked how she would feel if an interview went to a live TV broadcast, Weber said, “I’d be very upset.”

Weber’s interview with Weber has been criticised for its “lack of context” and a “jargon-heavy format” because it took place over a year ago.

“He’s a very good journalist.

But it’s not the same as sitting down and having a conversation with somebody,” Weber said.

Weber also said she felt uncomfortable with a host who was “obsessed with making me feel good about myself”.

Weber, who is an award-winning actor and former TV presenter, also said that if a host made a mistake in an interview, they should be able to “come back and say sorry and not feel like they’re being judged”.

“That’s a big part of the job.

That’s not how you want to do things,” she said.”

It’s about saying, ‘this was a mistake’.

You’re supposed to be on the phone with a person and explain what went wrong.””

I feel uncomfortable that a lot of the time when people get things wrong, people feel like it’s just their fault and they’re not to blame.

It’s a terrible feeling.”

Watch the interview above and listen to Weber discuss her experiences with interviewers.

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