The Big Brother of the Westboro Baptist Church

The Big Red’s latest rant against the LGBTQ community was delivered to the West Coast of the United States on Tuesday night, and it was delivered via Twitter, but it’s the first time the West Bank city of Hebron was exposed to its hate for LGBTQ people.

Westboro Baptist posted a video on their Facebook page on Tuesday evening that was a trailer for their latest sermon.

The video featured Westboro’s leaders singing the words, “Homosexuality is a mental illness,” and a montage of the lives of people suffering from homosexuality.

The video was uploaded to the website of the Hebron-based Westboro Church, which has been called “The Big Brother for Israel.”

The video features a montaged video of a man sitting on a chair in a hospital with his hands around his neck.

The man’s hand is wrapped around the man’s neck, which he is holding.

He is holding a sign reading, “Love, but don’t spread hate.

God hates you,” and is holding up a sign that reads, “God hates you.

We know you’re gay.”

In the trailer, the man is seen speaking with his wife about how “they hate us because we’re gay,” and he then goes on to tell his wife how they’re trying to find love for their family, but he’s “not gay enough.”

In another video posted to their Facebook account, Westboro has the narrator speak in Hebrew, which is the language used in Hebron.

The trailer then cuts to a shot of the man sitting at his desk, reading the Bible in Hebrew.

The narrator says, “The Westboro church hates our LGBT brothers and sisters because they are gay.”

The narrator then says that he’s trying to “find love for our family,” and “but they’re not gay enough.

God hate you.”

In one of the videos, the narrator speaks in Hebrew and says, “(The Bible) is the word of God, and every word he speaks is true.”

In a third video, the same narrator is heard speaking in Hebrew as he speaks about the “big lie” that the Westbrooks “hate” the LGBTQ people, who “hate God.”

In this video, a man is shown on a video screen as he is seen saying that he “wants to kill you.”

The following day, a video was posted on the Westbodys Facebook page by the same speaker, who then posted it on Twitter, with the text, “WBC video of Hebror: We are Westboro protesters.

We are here to show you that God hates all gays.”

The first tweet was uploaded on March 25, and the second on March 26.

The videos were posted on March 27, and on March 28, a third one was posted.

In the third video that was uploaded, the men are seen speaking in the same language as the previous two videos, and are then seen sitting on the ground, holding signs that read, “homosexuality a mental health issue,” and, “we are here for our LGBTQ brothers and women, but God hates us.”

In an interview with The Daily Beast, the leader of Westboro told the publication that he has been “acting” like the West Bishops for “about a year now,” but the Westboroughs “new strategy” to spread hate has been in effect for about three years.

“We were going to do something radical for a while, and we were going crazy with our new strategy.

I think we were ready for this,” Westboro leader Fred Phelps told the Daily Beast.

“We were ready to come out in the streets of the U.S. with signs that say, ‘God hates homosexuals.'”

“But God loves us,” Phelps continued, “and we are here with signs saying, ‘we are the West Branch Baptist Church.’

So we can’t be doing anything, and now the plan has changed.

We’re going to come back and make our message real, and make it clear that we are not homophobic.

We have been telling people that we hate all gays.

We don’t hate people who are gay, but we do hate people that are gay and try to spread their lies.”

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