‘Penguins’ star John Stamos and his family have moved to Australia’s South Coast

The family of star John “Penguin” Stamos is moving to Australia, according to a report by National Geographic.

Stamos was born in Toronto and grew up in Los Angeles, where he starred in “The Simpsons” and “Parks and Recreation.”

His father, Mark, is a musician and his mother, Mary, is an actress and producer.

The family moved to Los Angeles in 2004 and have been renting out the home for the past five years, according the report.

Stamets daughter, Amanda, was born there in 2009.

In the report, the family said they are hoping to eventually have the house on the property sold, but said they’re “not ruling out the possibility of moving to another country.”

It’s unclear if the family has any plans to stay in the United States.

In December, the actor was arrested on a domestic violence charge after an argument with his estranged wife.

He was later released on bail and has not been charged.

The report said Stamets family has been moving to the South Coast for years and that they have a “well-kept and comfortable home in an expensive neighborhood.”

The family’s other home in Toronto is on the same property.

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