How to ban the dark web

Next Big Futurist article A group of tech entrepreneurs wants to ban online dark web marketplace Silk Road.

The group, dubbed the Silk Road Task Force, is a group of technologists who want to bring together government officials and internet companies to address the problems of the dark internet.

The task force’s members include Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook and Google, as well as Steve Case, founder of a startup that helped the company develop the secure email protocol Mailchimp, as members.

They also include Matt Cutts, the CEO of Microsoft, and Tim Wu, founder and CTO of Wu-Tang Clan.

The Task Force has come under criticism for not addressing the problem of illegal online gambling, and has been widely criticized by other members of the tech industry, including Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg is not the only prominent member of the Task Force.

Many other notable tech executives, such as Bill Gates, have joined the group, and many prominent tech companies are also members.

The internet is already seeing problems with illegal online gaming, which has led to the shutdown of many popular sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Google.

This year, the US Congress passed the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, which is designed to combat the growing number of websites that are connected to illegal online gamblers.

However, the bill also allows for companies like Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Microsoft to share information about their customers.

Some critics have said that the internet should be a private sector enterprise, not a government agency.

But the task force says that the government shouldn’t be in charge of the internet, but rather should focus on protecting citizens from criminals.

The goal of the task group is to bring the US government into the digital world by helping companies like Twitter, Microsoft, Facebook, and others to better regulate online illegal gambling.

The members of Silk Road have called for legislation that would give companies like Amazon and Netflix the authority to shut down websites and impose criminal penalties for anyone selling illegal goods.

The bill, however, has been blocked in the US Senate.

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