Why weber’s webOS device is not just a TV, but a smart TV

Carl Weber, one of the pioneers of the smart TV market, has confirmed that the company’s web OS device will not be just a smart tv.

Speaking at the WebOS event in London on Wednesday, Weber said: “It will be a TV that’s capable of running the latest and greatest TV apps.”

Weber said that the webOS tv would not just have a single app but also several, including an “open app store”.

The company said it would be launching its new webOS TV on March 12.

Weber’s statement was met with enthusiasm by the audience at the event.

Weber is not the only one excited by the web TV’s potential.

Apple announced last year that it had been working on a tvOS version of its tvOS operating system.

That version was called tvOS 9.0, and was the first to include Apple TV as an optional add-on.

Weber said on Wednesday that his webOS video system will be powered by the open source platform Apache Cordova, which he said will “help to make it easier for developers to bring new, interesting features to the platform”.

Weber also spoke about the web-based entertainment streaming services Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and Amazon’s own Video On Demand (VoD).

Weber said he had been a Netflix user for more than 30 years, but only recently had started subscribing to the service.

He said that he had not been able to watch Netflix content on the web until recently because the service would not allow for simultaneous viewing of multiple video streams.

Weber also said that his company would be adding a new content hub to the web app that will allow users to upload and download content to their personal streaming device, including their webOS television.

Weber added that the new hub will be made available through a subscription system called Weber TV.

Weber TV, which will be free to download and use on your smart TV, will offer streaming of shows from Hulu, Amazon, Netflix and Amazon Video, and a list of movie releases.

Weber told MTV News that the Weber TV hub would be an integrated product, not separate from the web OS tv.

He added that Weber TV will include “an all-in-one solution” that will be accessible from the Weber webOS webOS application on the Weber tv, allowing users to watch any content they want.

Weber says he hopes to bring Weber TV to the market in the second half of the year.

Weber has previously announced that Weber televisions will also be available as a “cloud-first” TV service, meaning the Weber device will be able to connect to your cloud storage, and will then be able “replay” the content that you have already watched on your Weber television.

It is unclear whether Weber will offer an additional $199 upgrade for the Weber smart TV device, or a $499 subscription option.

Weber did not provide any pricing information for Weber’s Weber TV service.

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