Twitter: Mike Weber will make ‘Teen Wolf’ sequel ‘the best’

Mike Weber, who plays former hitman Ryan Phillippe, will join the cast of “Teen Wolf” as well as his own television series.

The actor will be joined by the voice of former Teen Wolf star Matt O’Connor.

The show, which premieres on MTV in 2017, will feature two lead characters, including an ex-convict played by Weber.

Weber will play Cole Stryker, a lawyer who works as an attorney for Ryan Phillipe’s former ex-wife, Rachel Amber.

The show also will feature a teen-centric spinoff, “Teen Wolves,” in which two young men find themselves on opposite sides of a violent crime spree.

The series also will explore the origin of Ryan Phillips character, The Wolf.

Weber is also expected to reprise his role as the character from the series’ third season.

The casting of Weber marks a significant milestone for the actor.

He made his debut in 2002 in the role of a drug dealer in “Halloween,” the horror film directed by James Wan and starring James Gandolfini.

Weber then followed up with roles in such films as “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” and “Boys Don’t Cry.”

Weber is currently filming the film “The Perfect Storm,” starring Nicole Kidman.

Weber’s previous film credits include “The Big Lebowski,” “The Departed” and “American Beauty.”

The casting also comes less than a year after actor and writer-director Rob Reiner announced that he would be writing the script for a second season of the hit series.

“The writing for the second season is very close, but I’m still trying to get the story and the characters right,” Reiner told Deadline.

“I’m very excited to get that going.”

Reiner also recently signed on to produce “Teeners,” a new animated series from his studio, Lionsgate.

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