How to get the most out of Google Earth web search

With the arrival of Google Maps, the internet giant is once again bringing a new level of accessibility to the web.

Google’s web search tool lets you browse by city, town or country, but now there’s a more interactive tool that lets you zoom in on a given spot on the map to find out more about it.

This interactive tool allows you to search for locations in Google Maps by using a simple mouse click and the city or country you’re looking for will be highlighted in a different colour.

Once you’ve chosen a location and clicked ‘Go’ on the zoomed-in map, you’ll see a list of all the locations on the page, as well as the time, date and elevation.

It’s a pretty handy feature for people with limited time on their hands or those who want to get a little more specific, and it should make it easier to find information you might not otherwise know.

The interactive tool can be downloaded for free from the Google Maps app, but there are some limitations to how you can use it.

For example, if you click on a place that’s not on the list, the search bar will say ‘You can’t use this place.

Use the Google Places search’ and you can’t scroll around.

Google has also made some tweaks to the zoom levels of the zoom bar on its website to make it more useful, and you’ll now be able to zoom in for more detailed searches.

Other Google Maps features include a bar of stars that indicate how high up in the sky the map is, as shown above.

The Google Maps bar is now updated every few seconds to make sure the map keeps up with you.

Google also offers some additional features to its search feature, including a new feature that lets users search for specific locations using their own location, and a search bar that lets search queries appear as an overlay on the search results page.

What do you think of Google’s new Google Earth zoom bar?

Do you find it useful?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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