How to watch the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship in Brisbane

Weber State basketball player Brandon Weber is among a group of basketball stars whose participation in the NCAA men’s basketball championship will be restricted to select media and spectators only.

The players are among more than a dozen who have been announced to attend the event, which begins at 5:00pm on Sunday.

The NCAA has said it will allow the media to attend, but has limited access to fans and other spectators.

Ahead of the event in Brisbane, a spokesman said the players had been invited to participate.

“Weber State is an elite team, and the men’s team is the most decorated in the history of the sport,” the spokesman said.

“The media is invited to attend in a limited capacity.

The event is a showcase for the men and women in the field, as well as the teams and programs that make up the men.”

The spokesman said a small group of the players will be allowed to attend as spectators.

But they will not be allowed inside the arena, nor inside the press box.

“It’s not just about the athletes, but the entire university, the entire athletics program, and I think we are in a position to be able to provide some of that excitement to those who will be in attendance,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesman did not say how many media members will be permitted into the arena.

Weber’s mother, Denise, has already been invited.

The NBA has said there will be a limited number of media members, but it is expected there will not always be enough to cover the full event.

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