Weber e310s to become the first car to feature Google Glass coverage

San Jose, Calif.

— The next big thing in automobiles may be Google Glass, and it may soon be more accessible than ever.

Google Glass will become a mainstream feature of the Weber e320s, a new midsize sedan that’s the first in the company’s lineup of cars to use the Google Glass display, according to a statement from Weber’s chief technology officer, Dave Coddington.

Google glasses will be available for both Weber’s e320 sedan and e320 SUV, the statement said.

The e320 is Weber’s largest model, but Coddington didn’t say how much the Weber’s first e320 will cost, or if the e320 would be available with a Google Glass screen.

Weber also doesn’t have an e320 with a screen.

The Weber is Weber E320 with Google Glass.

The company also says the Weber will be a better-equipped vehicle for drivers with a range of different physical and cognitive impairments.

Weber’s Weber e330s are available in four different trim levels, including a standard, a coupe, a sport utility vehicle and a wagon.

The Weber e30 will be the first e30 SUV in the Weber lineup to include Google Glass and Google’s Drive app, Weber said.

Weber will also offer the e30 Sport Utility in the new sedan and the e20 wagon in the e310 sedan.

The e310 SUV is Weber e300 and the Weber E310 Sport Utility is the e350 SUV.

The new e310 will be equipped with a six-speed manual transmission and a six.5-inch touch screen.

The company also plans to offer the Weber i350 SUV and i320 SUV in a hybrid configuration.

Other models in the line include the e40 sedan and i50 SUV.

Wagner said Weber will offer the most advanced features of Google Glass in the car, including Google Glass camera support and Google Drive support.

The e320 and e330 are Weber’s most advanced models.

More to come.

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