The world’s most popular social network – the internet’s most successful app

The world is not yet home to Facebook, the internet giant which has already overtaken Twitter and Twitter-owned Instagram as the most-visited website in the world, according to a report from market research firm Strategy Analytics.

Facebook, however, still commands more than 10% of the global web, and more than 80% of people visiting it are using the social network, according the report, which was conducted by Strategy Analytics and KPMG.

Facebook’s growth has been driven by its success in attracting users who like its core social network of Facebook groups and photo albums.

It is also a key driver of growth for its online ads business, which generates more than half of its revenue.

Facebook is also the most popular website in Asia and Africa, according Strategy Analytics, with around 60% of its users visiting it.

Its growth in Asia is driven by a growing number of young, affluent users, which is also driving its growth in the US, according an article in the Wall Street Journal.

Facebook has also been able to attract a new generation of users to its network of mobile apps, with the app growing at an annual rate of about 25%, according to Strategy Analytics’ report.

Facebook users are most likely to be younger than 25, and the company has also attracted more women to its social network.

In Asia, which accounts for roughly 70% of global web users, Facebook’s mobile app grew at an average annual rate that was roughly double that of Instagram’s app, according its report.

It also reported that Facebook users in Asia are increasingly interested in the company’s news feed and the new social network features.

Facebook reported revenue of $22.3 billion in the fourth quarter of 2017, up 5% year-on-year.

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