The Latest Google Web Searches: The Latest Sites to Get a Google+ Pin

The search engine giant is giving users a thumbs up on their Facebook friends.

The new feature, which will launch in October, is designed to help users find more relevant content by letting them filter out sites that have negative reviews and sites that contain hate speech or pornography.

Google’s feature is also being used to help people find content that has been flagged by its “trending” team, which monitors news headlines and other content in the social media space to flag up potentially controversial or controversial topics.

Google says it will also help users see more popular trending topics on the Web and find more of their friends’ posts that have been shared by other users.

Google said that its Trending feature will be available to Google+ users starting in October.

Google+ has long been an important tool for social networking and social media, with more than 20 million people on the service in the U.S. and Canada, according to Google.

Users can also create a Google Plus account for more than 3 billion other users to see their friends and contacts and see the same content they’re seeing on Google+.

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