How to tell if a candidate is lying: The poll tracker

It’s a question that the poll tracker is going to keep asking.

And the answer is this: It’s not as simple as just telling the difference between “very” and “somewhat” true.

A candidate’s campaign staff will often go on a fact-checker’s quest to figure out whether they are truly telling the truth.

And this, according to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, is an important distinction.

Just a third of the poll respondents (31%) said that a candidate’s staff should be on fact-checking their claim.

Only about one-fifth (22%) said they should be.

In addition, just one in five (20%) said it was okay to check a claim that was false.

“It’s important to be clear that the candidate and his or her staff should take the time to look at every statement,” said pollster Peter A. Brown, whose firm conducted the survey for POLITICO.

“There are many more cases of misinformation than false claims, but when they are false, it is important to make sure they are fact-checked.”

The POLITICO/Mornings Consult poll also found that the number of false claims on the campaign trail has jumped to more than 60 percent since the election, compared to just 10 percent in the last poll.

Of those who said they were aware of false statements on the trail, half said they had seen one on a TV show, while half said someone had told them.

But that is not all that is true about the number and nature of false assertions on the candidate’s behalf.

More than half of voters (53%) said the campaign staff should make sure that they do their homework before they are involved in a claim, compared with about a quarter who said that they should not.

Some of the more controversial claims in the campaign campaign.

And, in many cases, the false claims have come from a source outside of the campaign.

The number of claims that a campaign staffer made about a campaign issue, such as health care, has doubled in the first two weeks after the election.

But the number saying they were a Trump surrogate has dropped.

And when it comes to the Trump surrogate argument, the numbers are even more divergent.

About a quarter of voters said that the Trump campaign should not be relying on a surrogate, while just 11 percent said they would be.

And just 14 percent said the Trump team should be relying heavily on a supporter, while 37 percent said that would be appropriate.

On a related note, nearly two-thirds of voters say that Trump is using the term “fake news” when he says the media is failing him.

And almost half (47%) say that he should be using that term when he is being criticized.

And on immigration, more than half (54%) say Trump should be calling on Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform that would give legal status to millions of undocumented immigrants in the country.

“We should be doing more to vet candidates’ statements,” said Michael Steel, director of the Morning Consult Political Report.

“That means asking them to explain what they have actually said.”

The poll also asked voters to evaluate the candidate themselves.

And among those who do, Trump leads in a number of categories.

About three-quarters (76%) of voters believe that the Republican nominee is “very honest,” compared to 44 percent who think he is “slightly” or “not at all honest.”

And Trump leads Trump in a plurality of voters who think that the Democratic nominee is not honest (46 percent) or “very dishonest” (43 percent).

And Trump also leads in “very conservative” voters (51 percent), “very liberal” voters ($33) and “conservative” voters among others (47 percent).

When asked about Trump’s performance on the economy, nearly half (48%) say he is doing a good job, compared the same number who say he’s doing a poor job (44 percent).

About three in 10 voters (31 percent) say he has done a poor or fair job on climate change, while nearly as many (29 percent) think he has not done a good or fair amount of work on it.

“Trump is doing very well on the climate issue,” said Steel.

“But that does not mean that his policies are working well.

In fact, he’s actually doing worse than the Republicans he is running against.”

When it comes on the health care debate, Trump continues to be at a disadvantage.

Nearly four in 10 (39%) say the Republican candidate is doing well on health care issues, while 40 percent say he does not do well.

And Trump is losing ground on this issue among voters who have voted for the Democratic candidate in the past.

And while he does appear to be winning on this question, the question also shows the challenges he has had in his bid to take down Democratic candidates.

Nearly two-fifths (68%) say they are “very likely” or somewhat likely to vote for the Republican in the general election, while 43 percent say

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