When it comes to getting medical care: Searching for medical providers on Google

Google now offers more than one billion search results for “medical providers” on its web and mobile services, but the search giant’s primary goal for those results remains the same: to help doctors and nurses find the right doctor and nurse.

But with the arrival of the medical-services-search platform, Google has also introduced an alternative to search that allows people to access their health-care providers from the comfort of their own homes.

The new search engine has been added to Google Maps, which can now display medical providers along with the usual listings of providers by location.

In addition, users can now search by providers’ preferred domain names like “health” or “care.”

Google Health, for example, has become a common location search for people who live in rural areas, and the new search can now be used to find providers in those areas.

Users can also create their own custom search results.

Google’s new search will only appear in Google Maps and not on Google.com, Google’s web-based search engine.

Google has not yet revealed how many of its users will have access to the new Google Health search engine, which will be rolled out to other Google products like Google+, Gmail, YouTube and YouTube Go.

Google Health will be available in the U.S. and Canada as early as April.

The service will cost $3.99 per month, and will be powered by a new mobile app, Google Health Search.

Google will be launching the new medical-providers search engine on April 7 in the United States.

Google Search is the primary search engine for Google’s search results, with a separate Google Health API for apps and websites that leverage the search engine’s capabilities.

Google, which has a $9 billion business in the health care field, has been a pioneer in medical research.

It has created a vast array of health-related services that help patients, businesses and government agencies access medical information, from the cost of tests to emergency room visits.

Google is working on ways to make its search more efficient, with its new mobile apps, which are designed to make finding health- related information more convenient and user-friendly.

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