How to make your web cams more accurate and useful

The first time I heard of web cammers was in 2011 when a local TV news channel ran a segment about a scammer trying to get his web cam set up.

That same year, a British security firm was hit with a massive cyberattack, including a breach of more than 30 million customer accounts.

That attack was not limited to the United Kingdom, but affected other countries as well. 

The most successful cybercriminals were looking to exploit vulnerabilities in the web browsers of consumers and businesses.

They were able to take control of their computers, steal personal information and sell stolen goods to the highest bidder.

A few months after the first attack, researchers from security firm Kaspersky Lab released their first-ever report on the vulnerabilities that were exploited in that attack. 

At the time, the threat was only a problem for cybercrimins looking to steal sensitive information or steal bank account data.

But as more and more businesses and consumers adopted the web, the attackers realized they had a much bigger problem on their hands.

“They found out that they could not only steal data from a victim’s computer, but they could also steal personal details, such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and other personal information,” said David M. Ostrander, head of Kasperskys global cybercrime practice.

“The next thing they did was they made it even worse.

They took control of the computer, stole credit card data, and stole bank account information.

And then, they created a web application, called ‘Dubois’ or ‘web scraper’, that would look for those data sources, and they would steal them,” Ostrand said.

Kaspersky researchers said that the attackers gained access to around 5,000 websites and that the malware was installed on more than 200,000 machines.

The attackers even managed to steal personal data from users without their knowledge.

“That’s when things got really serious,” said John Stoeckler, director of research at Kaspersy Lab.

“If you want to get in there and steal somebody’s data, you’re going to have to get inside their network.

It’s not going to work that way.

You can’t just steal your victim’s credentials.” 

Kaspersk’s Ostransky said that one of the reasons the attackers were able so easily to get into a victim system is that many of the systems they targeted were in the US.

“If you’re in the United States, then you have a fairly secure network.

If you’re at home, it’s not that secure.

And so the fact that they were able in that manner to steal a lot of the information from the victims’ computers and steal their personal information is something that really shocked us,” Ostrom said. 

“There was a real sense of disbelief,” said Stoecker.

“The threat was growing, it was expanding, and it was getting more sophisticated,” he said.

“We saw it coming, and we didn’t think it was going to be so easy.”

“We’ve got to be smarter.

There’s an awful lot of people out there who are going to try and use the web as a weapon to steal information, but we’ve got an obligation to do something to make sure it doesn’t happen again.” 

In 2016, a new cybercrime wave hit the United State. 

After the US State Department launched its Cybersecurity Strategy in February of that year, it made it a top priority to create an anti-cybercrime strategy that was not only focused on the cyberthreat, but also included more than 150 threats that were aimed at companies.

That strategy focused on identifying and taking action on malicious actors and cybercrimbers, and to make it easier for the government to target and prosecute those that engage in cybercrime.

“We’re in a period of heightened cybercrime, and so we’re really trying to make the tools and the tools that the FBI and our cybersecurity partners have to do their jobs better,” Ostraks said.

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