Facebook will let users see and share their personal details online as part of the ‘outlook’ extension

The social network announced today that it is making its mobile apps available in the Outlook web browser for free for the first time.

Users will be able to view and share personal information, such as their location and their email addresses, in the mobile apps, according to a blog post on the company’s blog.

Facebook has been offering a free version of its desktop apps since 2011.

This was made possible by a requirement by the US government that it collect data on its users.

The mobile app for the mobile web is a standalone app that does not require an internet connection.

The apps can also be used with the web browser.

Facebook says it wants to make it easier for people to use the web in their everyday lives.

Users can still choose to pay for a paid version of the mobile app that includes access to other features and services such as chat, Facebook messaging, and the ability to send and receive photos, text messages, and group photos.

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