What we know about Charlotte’s Web, the webcast for the Charlotte Hornets that was canceled?

The Charlotte Hornets webcast was canceled at the last minute after fans and media protested that the broadcast was being misrepresented as a paid endorsement.

The broadcast was the first since ESPN announced last year that it would be pulling its NBA content.

In a statement, ESPN said the web broadcast was “not in line with our corporate values.”

The network said it would not air the webcasts that were produced, but it would continue to do so with other content.

ESPN said that if there are concerns about the accuracy of the content, it would take steps to correct them.

It also announced that it was dropping the Charlotte team and team president Michael Jordan, and said that the Hornets were also parting ways with head coach Mike Budenholzer.

ESPN added that the Charlotte Webcast was not in line, as it was a paid, endorsement-free event.

The Hornets will continue to air their NBA content through their webcast.

ESPN announced that the web-only webcast would be canceled, but that it will continue through its partnership with the Charlotte-based web platform Brockport, the same platform that produced the webcasting.

ESPN’s statement said: “Our goal is to be transparent with our fans and the public about what’s happening with our programs.

We don’t want to create an image of anything.

We want to be a good sport and have a positive experience for our fans.

That is what our webcasts will continue on.

We are grateful to the team, the fans and our partners for their support.

Our apologies for any inconvenience and thank you to all of our fans for their patience as we work through this difficult time.”

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