Google and Facebook to partner to bring web apps to Android, iOS

Google and social media giant Facebook have announced that they will be partnering to bring their mobile web apps, WhatsApp and Google Duo to Android and iOS.

“Today’s announcement is an important step toward bringing these services to millions of people who are already using them daily,” said David Plouffe, CEO of Google, in a statement.

“We believe that with the right tools and the right app, these two apps will change how people connect with each other, and how we build the world.”

The news comes after Facebook’s WhatsApp and Duo were recently introduced to iOS and Android, respectively, as part of the new social networking app, Snapchat.

“Snapchat is a very exciting platform for the mobile industry and we’re thrilled to be working with Google and other leading tech companies on making this app even better,” said Michael B. Straubel, VP of Product Management for WhatsApp.

“This partnership will help build the first real-time, social network that anyone can use to keep in touch with friends and family, collaborate, and share content.”

Facebook and Google previously worked on similar social networking apps, Google Plus and Google Hangouts, and WhatsApp has been built around Facebook Messenger, Google Duo and Google Talk.

The two companies also work together to support other social networks and apps on the Web, including WhatsApp.

Facebook has been a pioneer in bringing its messaging apps to mobile, with the launch of the Facebook Messenger Messenger in 2014.

Facebook says that the Duo and WhatsApp apps are designed to be used on the web, as they will not require a separate Facebook account to use them.

The new apps are expected to be available in the next couple of weeks, with Google Duo expected to arrive in the second half of next year.

WhatsApp and Facebook have previously partnered on other mobile social networks, including the Facebook Groups and Facebook Hangouts apps.

Google Duo, which is free for both iOS and Google Android, is a popular messaging app for the company’s Duo Labs team.

WhatsApp is the first of a number of messaging apps that will be available on Android and other platforms.

WhatsApp was founded by four Facebook engineers in 2014, and it was acquired by Facebook in 2015.

The app is designed to create an instant connection between users and their friends, which can be used to make instant phone calls or text messages.

The company also offers a messaging feature that lets users send photos to one another, and is a “chatbot” that can help users connect with friends.

Facebook is working on other messaging apps for Android, including a similar app called Chatbot.

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