How to create your own personalised email and messages for your desktop and mobile apps

Web sites are a popular way to send messages and receive messages on the web.

With the introduction of Google’s Android platform, you can create an email and/or message app with Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Yahoo!

Mail, Hotmail and Yahoo!


You can also add your own web content to your apps and email messages.

You’ll also find more than 20 email providers that will send you messages to your inbox.

Here’s how to get started.

How to send a message with Google’s Gmail app How to use Google’s Mail app with Outlook How to add your web content in your Gmail email app How do you add your messages to Gmail?

Read on to find out how to create a custom Gmail email, add messages to a Gmail email message, add a web page, and manage messages.

Step 1.

Launch Gmail.

The Gmail app for Android allows you to start sending messages.

To do so, tap on the Gmail icon at the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 2.

Click the More tab.

The More tab lets you configure your inbox, add new messages, add an email address, and view messages.

Step 3.

Click Add New Message.

Click on the Mail icon at bottom-right.

Click Create New Message from a Message.

Enter the subject, the message content, and your Google Account information.

You may also need to enter your email address.

Step 4.

Enter a subject line.

For example, enter your subject line as “My New Message.”

To add more information, click Add More Info.

Step 5.

Click Next.

You will see your Gmail inbox.

Click Save Changes.

Step 6.

You are now ready to add a message.

To add a new message, click the Add Message button at the bottom-left of the message.

You should see a pop-up message stating your message is being sent.

Click Continue to add the message to your Gmail message.

Step 7.

Click Share to send the message in your inbox or send it directly to a contact on your mobile device.

Step 8.

Once you add a contact to your email, click Share.

The contact will receive an email from your Gmail account.

Step 9.

Click Done to send.

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