How the Elites will control the World Cup – Forbes – 9 October 2017 – The biggest tournament in world football is in full swing and the elite clubs are lining up to control the tournament from home.

In the run-up to the 2022 World Cup, FIFA and the European football governing body UEFA have begun a new era of cooperation that will see the creation of an elite committee to oversee the tournament.

The Committee for the Development of the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Games is set to begin work on Thursday.

It is being led by FIFA President Gianni Infantino, who is also the president of the European Football Federation.

The committee will be tasked with overseeing the organising, funding, broadcasting and distribution of the event.

The executive committee of the IOC will also work on the development of the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, the 2020 Paralympics, the 2024 Paralympik Games and the 2020 FIFA World Cup.

Infantino has also announced that the European Olympic Committee, the body responsible for organising the games, will be working with the FIFA executive committee on the 2020 Olympic and World Cup bidding process.

The IOC is set for a major overhaul of the Olympic and FIFA bidding processes, including the introduction of an “All-Star Selection” to select the final 10 hosts.

The selection process will be overseen by an all-powerful committee of experts, including FIFA’s president, Gianni Agnelli, FIFA’s secretary general, Sepp Blatter, and IOC executive director, Jeffrey Webb.

The new committee will also have to decide who will host the 2024 Olympics, the 2022 Paralympika Games and 2020 FIFA Cup.

It’s not clear when Infantinos executive committee will announce its decision on who will take over the bidding process, but the committee is expected to report in early December.

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