Webcam spider web draws attention in Utah

Webcams can be very helpful when it comes to capturing wildlife and wildlife interactions.

And in Utah, a video capture of a webcams spider web drawing attention has captured a lot of people’s attention.CBS News/APVideo capture captured a webcam spider in Utah and it has sparked a conversation about the webcameras role in wildlife interactions and the need to make sure that people have a safe and secure place to capture wildlife videos.

The spider was captured by a camera on a back porch in the small town of Bountiful, Utah.

It was on its way to another house when it spotted a human walking on the porch.

The spider then ran to the back porch and got close enough to capture a web on the house.

A witness, Sara Weber, told CBS News she was shocked by the spider’s appearance.

She said she was walking to her car and when she stopped, she saw a web coming toward her.

She said it looked like a spider, but it was more of a long-legged spider.

Weber said she didn’t think much of it until she saw the video.

Weber said she hopes the video will help educate people about the importance of capturing wildlife video.

She called the spider web video a reminder that we have to be careful with spiders and how to protect ourselves.

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